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New collaboration between AV&R and 3M

POSTED 06/20/2023

Happy to announce a new collaboration between AV&R and 3M! This partenership aims at providing next-generation robotic systems for automating surface finishing processes in the manufacturing industry. This collaboration combines 3M’s expertise as a leading manufacturer and supplier of abrasive products with our automation capabilities in surface finishing. It marks the first of its kind between 3M and one of its integrators.

The partnership has resulted in the development of two new versions of the robotic systems: the BF-X 200-c and the TF-X 1200. These systems are designed to automate complex and traditional surface finishing processes, respectively. They incorporate the most efficient tools selected by AV&R and utilize a range of 3M abrasives. The systems are powered by AV&R’s software, BrainWave, and have been specifically designed to meet the needs of manufacturers, offering enhanced ease of use.

The official announcement of this collaboration took place at the Automate show in Detroit on May 23, 2023, showcasing the combined capabilities of AV&R and 3M in driving innovation and efficiency in the manufacturing industry.

Watch the announcement’s video: