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CENIT North America provides the development and implementation of digital manufacturing solutions. We have a background in offline-programming, simulation and process integration for robots and special machines. In addition to these offline-programming applications (OLP) we offer customer-specific software developments and

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New Benchmark for Sheet Metal Assembly and BIW Solutions

POSTED 09/19/2017

CENIT FASTSUITE is available for any fastening technologyNew fastening technologies, shorter engineering cycles and increasing production variables require new concepts and solutions for the definition, programming, and simulation of Body-in-White and sheet metal assembly processes. As BIW fastening continues to evolve, a demand is created for:

  • An efficient consumption of any fastener data – no matter what the source is.
  • An efficient process plan – no matter what the fastening technology may be.
  • An efficient program and simulation regardless of line setup and robot manufacturer.

FASTSUITE is available for any fastening technology that is used in automotive body-in-white processes, from spot welding to roller hemming. FASTSUITE ensures an efficient programming of technology-specific robot programs for any application and any robot.

If you are a system integrator, an engineering partner, a tier 1 supplier or even an OEM – FASTSUITE Edition 2 provides you with an easy-to-use, independent, scalable and highly integrative solution for all your different challenges.

The right answer to increased requirements

FASTSUITE ensures an optimum process coverage for various applications or robot brands. The software guarantees an efficient creation and optimization of robot programs, and also a full control of external axis, workpiece positioners, or complex fixtures.
Thanks to its pre-defined process integrations, FASTSUITE can support niche technologies and complex processes as efficient as it can deal with standard applications.
A customizable data supply ensures the consumption of existing process planning data from engineering. This includes the CAD data, jigs and fixtures as well as fastener data and information about the joining partners.

The standard functions of FASTSUITE Edition 2 already provide various features:

  • import option for fastener definitions from engineering, including process planning information
  • gun selection support (reachability studies for weld points, collision validation)
  • tool and gun selection and verification
  • technology-specific path planning and sequencing, including approach and retract motions, and simulation and optimization of the clamps
  • automatic dress-up of controller commands, process parameters etc.
  • access to technological attributes (weld parameters, …)
  • exact process simulation with collision monitoring
  • interpolation functions to adapt the theoretical program to the real part, and to remove robot arm collisions and accessibility issues
  • simple teach-in functions to add and optimize linking motions
  • sequencing and interlocking of multi-robot cells
  • and many more

Pre-defined Technology support is available for:

  • Spot Welding
  • Stud Welding
  • Clinching and impact riveting
  • Roller hemming
  • Arc and laser welding
  • Adhesive application systems
  • and many more