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KC Robotics is a process-driven robot systems integrator, specializing in arc welding, material removal and material handling applications. As an RIA Certified Integrator, KC Robotics is committed to improving customers’ profitability and productivity through quality automated solutions. Industries served include aerospace, appliance, automotive, composites, construction, consumer goods, defense, electronic, foundry, glass, metal, packaging, and plastics. As an integrator for KUKA Robotics, ABB Robotics, and Yaskawa Motoman, KC Robotics provides full integration services – concept development, design, engineering, EOAT, programming and system build. Each project is steered from concept development through installation with detailed communication and guidance from an engineer/project manager. The company is known for its use of innovative technologies and creative problem solving to develop successful and user-friendly robotic systems. Location: West Chester Township, Ohio

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KUKA’s KR C4 Controller Benefits both Robotic Technicians and Companies Looking to Integrate

POSTED 03/05/2013

The KUKA KR C4 is KUKA Robotics' newest controller for their line of industrial robots. Designed to be more powerful, smarter, and safer than its predecessors, the KR C4 is a space saving controller that offers efficiency and ease of use at the touch of a button.

KC Robotics Technician Kevin Land just came back from training at KUKA Headquarters in Shelby Township, Michigan where he learned the ins and outs of the KR C4. This is what he learned about the controller.

For the robotic technician, the KR C4 is a breath of fresh air in the world of industrial robots. Interfacing with the office network is a simple process and allows the technician to program, configure, and test the robot system while the robot is offline using a software program called KUKA.WorkVisual. Once the service is done, the changes can be implemented easily without stopping the robot for an extended period of time. WorkVisual is also a great tool for diagnosis as well as potentially reducing downtime created by errors and faults. This is especially useful in cells with multiple robots.

The ease of setup cuts down on technician labor time, benefiting both integrator and customer. The KR C4 , along with WorkVisual enable the technician to create and save all programs, controller setups, and I/O setups as projects on a PC of which they can then download directly to a controller.

The hardware inside the KR C4 is clean and organized through a modular setup which is connected via EtherCAT as opposed to hundreds of cables that need a technician to organize. This is important in terms of a repair, when a technician may have to sort through hundreds of cables, the KR C4 has one.

The KR C4 is very technician friendly but it is also customer friendly too. The language KUKA uses for programming is so similar to C++ that training is easier and less time consuming. Chances are good that current employees may already know and understand the language which can also reduce employment costs.

According to Land, there is also a great benefit with KUKA’s teach pendant that can save customers money and time. KUKA’s smartPAD teach pendants are interchangeable from robot to robot. If a smartPAD breaks on one unit, another pendant from another robotic system can be used without shutting any robots down during the process.

Land is very optimistic about this controller and its ease of use and cost savings for both technicians and customers. From planning to integration the KR C4 can save money, time, and space a huge benefit for those who are thinking about reshoring or already there.

As an integrator for over 20 years, KC Robotics has a solid history of quality system integrations all over the United States. If you would like to know more about this series or more about automated systems including integration, sales, and service email [email protected] or call 1-800-7ROBOTS. We promise, we aren’t robots.