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KMT Robotic Solutions Receives New Wind Turbine Blade Automation Order in North America

POSTED 10/04/2010

Robotic Solutions, Inc. (KMT-RS) today announced the sale of an additional Root End Cut and Drill System to a North American manufacturer of utility size wind turbine blades.  The solution provided is based on KMT-RS’s RoboTrim® WT-2000 Root Cut and Drill system that is quickly becoming the industry standard.  KMT has multiple root end processing production installations in the US and Europe and continues to be the only company with robotic root end processing systems anywhere in the world.

“What started as helping a customer with their wind turbine blade root cut and drill needs has quickly grown into a market segment meeting the broader needs of wind turbine blade manufacturers,” said Mark Handelsman, Wind Turbine Industry Sales Manager. “Our customers initially approach us looking for direct alternatives to CNC equipment or manual labor, but once they understand the advantages of robotic automation and how we can help, they begin to see the potential for much greater benefits. For example, adding barrel nut and bolt assembly to a root cut and drill system, adding vision or other means of verification, or combining processes like edge trim and sanding for surface preparation.”
“The newest KMT-RS root processing systems also include improvements in accuracy and tooling based on our accumulated experience” said Chuck Abrams, Technology Manager at KMT-RS.  “This is essential to allow us to meet the increasingly more stringent demands of our customers while reducing running costs tied to tooling.  What we have seen of upcoming wind turbine blade designs will continue to put more demands on whatever equipment is used to process the blades, and we know that we must continue to advance our technology in order to meet the future needs of our customers. KMT-RS has the ability to assist our customers with their total blade processing automation requirements and our customers depend on the flexibility of the robot system to accommodate the changes to their future products.”
“The alternate energy market is a key business segment for KMT-RS”, said Kevin McManus President & CEO of KMT-RS.  “Our early success comes from working with our customers to overcome limitations of their existing processes or address other shortcomings. What our customers find over time is that the flexibility of robotic automation allows them to more quickly and cost effectively adapt to changes, making them more competitive and helping them grow their businesses.”
KMT Robotic Solutions was formed in December of 2006 with the union of KMT Cutting Systems in Ronneby, Sweden and Robotic Production Technology in Auburn Hills, Mich. KMT Robotic Solutions has more than 3,700 robots installed around the world and more than 25 years experience developing, designing, building, servicing and supporting robotic cutting, trimming and cleaning solutions for manufacturing customers. With direct and relationship partner locations in Europe, the Americas, China, and Japan, KMT is strategically positioned to serve the global market. KMT Robotic Solutions. Creating value through automation.