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Intelligent changing in the smart factory with the new TKX tool changer family for robots

POSTED 02/15/2024

Intelligent changing in the smart factory with the new TKX tool changer family for robots

Pneumatic, electric and manual

Production processes are becoming increasingly autonomous. For this, we have reached a new level in robotic tool changers with the unique ToolChanger3 modular system. The TKX tool changer family has been developed as a handling component into an intelligent solution for robotic tasks. Intelligent changing in the Smart Factory with the new TKX family leads to faster workflows and makes your production more flexible.

Pneumatic, electric and manual – all three drive types can be used with the new TKX product family. Each robot side is compatible with the uniform tool side, offering customers the greatest possible flexibility. The uncompromising design fits seamlessly into modern plants and, thanks to the polygonal shape, enables modular attachment of transfer modules.

Modularity taken to the limit

With the new TKX product family, we have expanded our tool changer portfolio: The predecessor tool changer TK-ISO was already well-known on the market for its robustness and reliability. We have retained these proven capabilities in the new product and at the same time added innovative functions that offer you real added value in the application. The central innovation in the 3-in-1 product: The robot side of the tool changer is available with three different drive types – pneumatic (TKP), electric (TKE) and manual (TKM). The special feature here is that the tool side is compatible with all three robot sections.

Cleverly combined

All three series of the TKX family (TKP,TKE and TKM) combine an identical outer geometry of the aluminum base body with the same number of mounting surfaces for transmission modules and other add-on elements. The TKX family offers you the greatest possible flexibility in configuration. Depending on the size, from two to nine mounting surfaces are available on each tool changer. You can select the entire portfolio of accessory components and move freely within the modular system, regardless of the drive type selected for the tool changer. It is also possible to exchange tools between different systems with different heads without any problems. Maintenance work, changeover times and storage costs are thus drastically reduced. The internal air feed-throughs with specially developed seals as well as the sensors for piston stroke monitoring and for tool side detection are included as standard in all variants. The only difference is the energy supply: compressed air at 6 bar (TKP), electric current at 24 volt (TKE) or human power via actuation of a push lever (TKM).

Proven functional principle – pneumatic changing

A pneumatically actuated tool changer is often used for fully automated systems. We have improved both the locking kinematics and the internal air feed-throughs to meet the increasing demands for high-performance components for modern industrial robots. With the new innovative TKP tool changer, we are focused on customer benefits with proven technology and consistent alignment.

Changing with 24 V

The electrically operated tool changer TKE shines above all with its low interference contour and extensive accessories. With the TKE, you can consistently electrify your automation. The robot operates electrically and the actuator often still pneumatically. With a consistent end-to-end electric drive solution for the entire robot cell, the system is more sustainable and efficient due to the electric drives. Another advantage is the simpler installation and equipment of the plant. Complex hosing and valve terminals are no longer required. The integrated self-locking via the locking kinematics as well as a sensor query of the locking increase the customer benefit in practical use.

Changing in the blink of an eye

The perfect complement to automatically operated tool changers is the TKM manual tool changer. The tool side is locked and unlocked manually with minimal effort via a push lever with integrated locking mechanism. This means that no external energy supply is required, while at the same time simplifying the changing process considerably. Particularly for end-of-arm tooling that is changed infrequently but regularly and therefore does not require automation, the TKM series tool changers are ideally suited. This reduces downtimes to a minimum and provides a flexible component due to the unlimited compatibility with the accessory portfolio of the TKX family.