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Mecademic robots are unique in that they are plug-and-work automation components that do not require a proprietary programming language, do not require training, are ultra-easy to integrate, and are compatible with virtually any other automation component.

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Greater space for the world’s smallest and most precise six-axis industrial robots

POSTED 11/29/2018

Mecademic moves its headquarters to a 10,000-square-foot facility in order to support the increasing demand for the Meca500, the most compact and precise six-axis industrial robot currently available in the industrial automation market.

Montreal – Mecademic moves into new offices in downtown Montreal. This move is combined with the acquisition of new CNC machines that will boost the production capacity from five hundred to three thousand robots per year. This increased capacity is in response to the growing demand for the Meca500, the world’s smallest and most precise robot. In order to keep the shortest lead time of the robot at four weeks and to always offer a proactive service to customers, the recruitment of additional staff is also in progress. Mecademic’s team will grow substantially at the beginning of next year.

For further details on the Meca500 robot’s specifications, you can download the brochure and user manuals from our website.

About the Meca500
The Meca500 is one of the few industrial robots with an integrated controller in its base, and the only industrial robot arm that fits in the palm of a human hand, with a total weight of only 4.5 kg. This six-axis robot can handle payloads up to 500 g with an unmatched precision of 0.005 mm. The Meca500 is designed as an automation component of the highest quality. Affordable and easy to use, with the Meca500, there is no proprietary robot programming language to learn, just a simple set of instructions. Introduced to the public in May 2015, the Meca500 has been commercialized since July 2016 and is used for testing, inspection, micro-assembly, dispensing and pick-and-place applications in small confined spaces. A few hundred Meca500 robots are already put to work in twenty countries, generally in the electronics and medical device industries.

About Mecademic
Mecademic was founded in 2013 in Montreal, where its head office is located. The company designs, develops and manufactures the most compact and precise industrial robots on the market. Its main mission is to extend flexible automation to the most confined, delicate and complex tasks and applications. Its young and dynamic team is continually growing, with a great passion for creativity and innovation. As a proactive partner, Mecademic deals directly with companies and academic institutions. The company also has distributors in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, where the robot is already in use.