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Experts in industrial automation for over 25 years, AV&R is a robotics engineering company with 70 employees worldwide. We offer robotic profiling systems, automated polishing equipment, automatic deburring and automated visual inspection systems in the 4.0 Industry era.

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GetBot! - Robotics for Manufacturing

POSTED 03/28/2022

GetBot! by AV&R

At AV&R, we always try to simplify our process and to help our clients acquire robotic solutions.

We know that the current context is putting a lot of pressure on manufacturers. Difficulties in recruiting, pressure to increase production, or lack of time to research and adopt new technologies. So, we have designed this new web platform that will allow you in a few clicks to discover which AV&R solution is right for you. It is an all-in-one website that accompanies you, informs you and allows you to quickly place and track your order online.

This new Website is dedicated to manufacturers who want to automate simple and typical manufacturing processes. 


If your processes or your manufactured parts are complex (i.e. blades or medical implants), the best is to talk to us directly.