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The mission of Futura Automation is to consult and assist clients in the North American market regain global competitiveness in manufacturing as our team helps bring “Industry 4.0” benefits to manufacturers in North America.

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Futura Automation announces partnership with Gate Technologies / CDS

POSTED 12/12/2019

SCOTTSDALE, AZ  85255 -  Futura Automation LLC is pleased to announce it is partnering with Gate Technologies to strengthen its leading automation and robotics equipment solutions.  Futura Automation will represent Gate throughout the western USA up to and including the Rocky Mountain states. Gate Technologies, previously known in North America as Cam Driven Systems (CDS), is the North American marketing and sales partner of Betinelli S.p.A. of Bagnolo Italy, in the Milan region.  CDS was founded in 1953 by Constantino Bettinelli. CDS has developed patented cam-driven indexing rotary tables, indexing linked conveyors and solutions for automated and robotic small part assembly.  

Over the past 66 years, CDS has implemented advanced production systems throughout its facilities, including a 65,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing center in Bagnolo, Italy. Using these sophisticated flexible manufacturing systems, CDS is able to guarantee the highest standards of quality, design flexibility and total process control.  The industrial cam driven indexing solutions cover vertical markets like Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Device and Electronics.

Futura Automation, based in Scottsdale, AZ, is a technical sales and manufacturing consulting and solutions firm focused on plant floor digitization and the concept of “Industry 4.0”.  Futura addresses the automation needs of advanced manufacturing, machining, end-of-line packaging and robotics manufacturing customers. The team at Futura Automation on average have 20+ years’ experience in industrial automation, machining and robot systems.  With field offices in Arizona, North Carolina, Minnesota, Indiana, Southern California, Oregon and Washington, Futura is well positioned in the highest growth industries in North America.

“Futura Automation creates solutions for the needs of industrial robot and automation customers.  Our mission is to help our clients bring manufacturing back to America and regain global competitiveness”  says President Brian McMorris.  “We are thrilled to add Gate Technologies / CDS to our supplier team and bring more “Industry 4.0” benefits to clients in North America.”