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Leuze electronic offers an extensive line of safety and automation products including safety light curtains and grids, state-of-the art laser area scanners, opto-electronic devices including a full line of sensor products, bar- code readers for both standard and 2-D applications as well as innovative optical data transmission systems. Started in 1994, Leuze electronic has become a major factor in the North American safety and automation marketplace. With a steady stream of innovative products addressing the needs of the consumer we are accomplishing the task of products that are designed to be reliable and durable while still being user friendly. With a dedicated and knowledgeable sales force, Leuze electronic offers dependable service, technical assistance and an unrivaled approach to solving even the most difficult applications.

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Functional Machine Safety Educational Series

POSTED 07/18/2012

Leuze electronic, Inc. is pleased to announce the Functional Machine Safety Educational Webinar series starting on Friday, July 20 with the first of ten webinars covering the technical and functional aspects of machine guarding.
This new webinar series is focusing on the technical aspects of machine safety and will allow the participant to better understand the recognition of hazards and the correct implementation of safeguards.

Who should attend?
This series is intended for those who design, build, modify, install, or maintain machinery, machine guarding, or safety devices.
It is also for those involved or concerned with information, instruction, and training in safe workplace practices.

Topics covered:
The first webinar in this series will focus on the benefits of proper machine safety measures: 

  • Lower insurance premiums.
  • Lower workman’s comp multipliers.
  • Reduction of hidden costs associated with workplace accidents.
Future topics will focus more on the functional aspects of safety and will include: 
  • Identifying hazards/ Performance Requirements.
  • Safe distance calculation and the effect of resolution and mounting for guarding.
  • Requirements for Muting/Blanking/Initiation in regards to light-curtains. 
  • Pros and Cons of Hard Guarding versus Opto-electronic Guarding (light-curtains and laser-scanners).
  • Specific considerations for Power Presses.
  • Application areas for Multiple Light Beam Devices versus Light Curtains.
  • What is External Device Monitoring and Restart Functions? When to use which.
  • Type 2 vs Type 4 Devices.
  • Emergency Stop circuit design and proper implementation.
  • Common Implementation Mistakes and how to avoid.

To register for the Function Machine Safety Educational Webinars, go to www.leuzeusa.com and click the button on the right side of the page to fill out the form.