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ForwardX Launches 6 New AMRs for Warehousing & Manufacturing

POSTED 12/14/2020

BEIJING, CHINA – ForwardX Robotics, an AI-focused developer of vision-first Autonomous Mobile Robots, today announced the launch of 6 new products under its Max range of AMRs: Max 300 Lift Lite, Max 300 Conveyor, Max 600 Conveyor, Max 1200 Standard, Max 1200 Lift, and Max 1200 Conveyor. All 6 of the new robots are built to safely and efficiently automate material handling within production and warehousing facilities. The product launch coincided with ForwardX’s appearance at CeMAT Asia last month, where the new products were on show for visitors to see.

“At ForwardX, our goal has always been to develop mature solutions that actually deliver real value right now. We understand that the manufacturing industry is a complex one with a variety of circumstances and pain points specific to each manufacturer,” said Nicolas Chee, founder and CEO of ForwardX Robotics. “We recognize the huge opportunities to add value to production facilities and our new robots aim to meet the needs of all manufacturers no matter what their production floor looks like.”

As part of the wider Matrix automation platform, ForwardX offers a range of vision-first mobile robot solutions for both logistics and manufacturing facilities. Using sensor fusion to make sense of data collected from 2D and 3D cameras, 360° LiDAR coverage, and IMUs, among others, ForwardX AMRs navigate autonomously through facilities and adapt to dynamic environments by avoiding obstacles and adjusting routes on-the-fly. Designed to work as part of a wider fleet, ForwardX AMRs are orchestrated by the f(x) Fleet Manager software system using machine learning algorithms to best group, assign, and dispatch tasks across the fleet.

The new products expand on ForwardX’s current Max range of AMRs, with new models being added to offer a range of crucial features necessary within a manufacturing environment:

  • Max 300 Lift Lite
    Like the original 300 Lift model but without the front column, the Lite model is designed to move payloads of up to 300kg (660lbs) across production facilities. With built-in lift functionality, the Max 300 Lift Lite is typically combined with wheeled carts or platforms where raw materials, WIP goods, and finished goods can be stored. Critical workflows, such as raw material picking, lineside delivery, WIP transfer, and finished good storage, can be automated using the Max 300 Lift Lite.
  • Max 300 Conveyor
    With a similar footprint to the Max 300 Lift Lite, the Max 300 Conveyor is equipped with an automatic conveyor top module to connect separated systems without need for manual intervention. Ideal for material transfer across the production floor, the Conveyor model can be customized with 1-by-1, 1-by-2, 2-by-1, 2-by-2, and belt conveyance configurations.
  • Max 600 Conveyor
    Like the 300 Conveyor, the Max 600 Conveyor offers hand-free transfer between different parts of a production facility’s operations. Offering double the payload, the 600 Conveyor presents more benefits for higher payload material movement, particularly within warehouses, by collaborating with forklifts and ForwardX’s conveyor station accessory to automate inbound and outbound workflows.
  • Max 1200 Standard
    Using the same shape and design as the Max 600 Standard, the Max 1200 Standard offers a similar solution for payloads up to 1350kg (2976lbs). Used to transport large pieces, cases, and pallets, the Max 1200 Standard is designed to automate heavy payload movements between the receiving dock, bulk storage aisles, and shipping dock for increased safety and more efficient and productive logistics.
  • Max 1200 Lift
    Like the 1200 Standard, the Max 1200 Lift is best suited to higher payloads with a 1200kg (2645lbs) payload capacity. Offering built-in lift functionality, the Max 1200 Lift combines with a number of ForwardX accessories, such as its Pallet Dock and Deckloader, to collaborate with forklift drivers in the warehouse.
  • Max 1200 Conveyor
    The Max 1200 Conveyor is built to move and convey loaded pallets throughout warehouse environments. With its built-in conveying functionality, the Max 1200 Conveyor can be used to induct pallets into traditional automation systems like conveyors, shuttles, and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS).

“Through deep conversations with our current customers and interested prospects, we have been able to identify the problem areas that manufacturers wish mobile automation could address more effectively. We’re pleased to be able to expand our offering to address their needs and open up our solutions to a whole range of new scenarios,” said Nicolas Chee. “We’re currently piloting our new products across a number of facilities and we continue to see some very encouraging results.”

About ForwardX
ForwardX Robotics is a global technology company in the fields of AI and Robotics, possessing over 160 patents pending and a team of over 180, including 120 engineers of which 10 hold PhDs. With team members hailing from top universities and leading companies, ForwardX is comprised of the world’s top computer vision scientists and robotics experts as shown by its award-winning work, such as 2 1st-Place Prizes at TRECVID and 1st Place Prize for IEEE’s VOT-RT.

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