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Since 1995 Motion Controls Robotics, Inc (MCRI) has supplied the highest quality robotic automation systems to a variety of industries. Building on that background experience, MCRI integrates robot systems to supply complete end-of-line applications, fulfillment solutions, and general material handling automation that include Industry 4.0 connectivity op

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Combining Collaborative Robot Technology with Portability & Rapid Deployment

POSTED 07/12/2022

Motion Controls Robotics, Inc (MCRI) specializes in large, end of line robotic systems and omnichannel fulfillment solutions. They have over 27 years of experience working with customers to design systems to meet needs and solve their current issues. As MCRI worked closely with their customers in the food and beverage & consumer goods industries, they were hearing repeatedly that a portable robotic palletizer could help reduce downtime and replace labor shortages.

With FANUC’s newest models of Collaborative Robots, this customer need became something that could easily be fulfilled. The CRX-25iA has a reach of 74 inches and can handle a payload of 55 lbs. With these specifications, a portable palletizer would be able to build full pallets.

Motion Controls Robotics, Inc designed a portable system called the BA Palletizer. BA Palletizer - Collaborative Palletizer

The collaborative aspects of the palletizer allow it to run without permanent fencing and the benefit of a standard outlet (120 VAC / 20 Amp / 60 Hz) make it easy to move throughout the facility. The BA Palletizer platform uses fork pockets and leveling pads integrated into the base for easy transportation and setup.

Adding BA Palletizer stations have low initial cost and will show a quick return on investment. The compact BA Palletizer is easy to install and quick to program. Area scanners keep employees safe when replacing pallets.

 “Customers say maintenance on an inline piece of equipment takes a line down but, if the product could be passed to a portable robot, they could still palletize cases while the maintenance/repairs are being done to equipment. Right now, with the labor shortage, they must try to find people to hand stack off a line or they lose the production time,” Explains Doug Horn, a Senior Controls Engineer at MCRI.

Other issues where the BA Palletizer is a downtime saver:

  • Maintaining equipment
  • Cleaning of food grade equipment
  • Redeploying seasonal product when needs arise
  • Filling short run/low volume orders without interrupting main production

MCRI will begin delivery of pre-ordered BA Palletizers in January of 2023. Get on the list today to be the first to start using portable, collaborative palletizers. There are three ways to order a palletizer:

  1. Purchase the BA Palletizer
    1. A Day with MCRI – purchase includes setup and training
    2. Standalone Station – station will be shipped to your facility
  2. The Robot as a Service (RaaS) model – allowing for leasing or rental of the unit.

Contact [email protected] or visit https://motioncontrolsrobotics.com/ba-palletizer/ to learn more and be the first in line for the BA Palletizer.