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CENIT North America provides the development and implementation of digital manufacturing solutions. We have a background in offline-programming, simulation and process integration for robots and special machines. In addition to these offline-programming applications (OLP) we offer customer-specific software developments and

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CENIT Creates Brand New Digital Factory Software Platform

POSTED 04/01/2015

FASTSUITE Edition 2 software platform

FASTSUITE Edition 2 is designed to fill a market gap that exists between large PLM-based software providers and smaller proprietary simulation systems offered by robot manufacturers. CENIT has designed a stand-alone simulation platform focused on combining manufacturing concept validation, offline programming, and the virtual commissioning of production systems.

FASTSUITE Edition 2 is based on the concept of being non-proprietary with regards to vendor, process and technology: thus, it allows for the integration and use of any robotic, machine, human or logistics component in a single simulation environment.

Strong points of the software are: ease-of-use, efficient programming functions for any robotic application, as well as versatility and openness. Using standards for data exchange along with the automated optimization of such data, FASTSUITE Edition 2 can easily operate alongside with any existing CAD/CAM or PLM landscape.

The modular architecture of FASTSUITE Edition 2 allows companies to interactively customize the software according to their needs in a couple of ways. An Automation System Integrator can make on-the-fly GUI or technological adjustments – to the point of complete individualization if necessary; the functionality can be catered to their needs. However, FASTSUITE Edition 2 also delivers off the shelf packages for common manufacturing technologies and processes. This gives users the ability to get started right away.

FASTSUITE Edition 2 imports data in three ways: CAD data via standard interfaces like IGES or STEP and direct interfaces like NX, CATIA, SolidWorks etc. One of the more unique options is the ability to import and export work cell layouts and kinematic definition via the AML (Automation MarkUp Language) standard.

“For programming and simulation of robotic cells, machines, and production lines, companies in various industries have expressed a need for simplified and customizable software tools. The FASTSUITE Edition 2 software architecture is based upon a common simulation platform and it allows cross-process integration of any manufacturing technology. With that, we provide a highly scalable, flexible and powerful solution”, explains Peter Koch, Director of Digital Factory Solutions at CENIT.

The main focus of the software is initially aimed at programming, simulating and the virtual commissioning of machine and robotic-based automation cells and lines. “To be able to do such tasks independently, the easy creation of new resources and cell layouts is also part of the FASTSUITE Edition 2 solution offering for customers. Software modules for material flow and human behavior simulations as well as additional aspects of process planning – will be added in the medium term; thus continuously broadening the solution spectrum”, states Helmut Ziewers, Vice President Digital Factory Solutions at CENIT. 

For over 26 years, CENIT has been successfully active as a leading consulting and software specialist for optimizing business processes in the Digital Factory, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), SAP Solutions, Enterprise Information Management (EIM), Business Optimization & Analytics (BOA), and Application Management Services (AMS) fields.

CENIT complements standard solutions by strategic partners such as DASSAULT SYSTEMES, SAP and IBM by providing well-established own software solutions. These include the FASTSUITE product family for software solutions in the Digital Factory field, cenitCONNECT for SAP PLM-related processes, cenitSPIN as a high-performance PLM Desktop, CENIT ECLISO for efficient information management as well as CENIT SERVICEMANAGER – a platform for integrating software systems into the ECM system.

The enterprise employs around 700 staff worldwide, serving customers primarily from the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, tooling and molding, financial services, commercial and consumer goods industries.

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