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ATI Develops Food Handling Robotic Tool Changers

POSTED 05/09/2011

g width="300" vspace="10" hspace="10" height="167" border="1" align="right" src="/userAssets/riaUploads/ATI_QC-77_Food_Handling_Tool_Changer.jpg" alt="ATI Develops Food Handling Robotic Tool Changers" />The QC-77 Robotic Tool Changer, developed by ATI Industrial Automation, Apex, N.C., enables robots to automatically change end-effectors or other peripheral tooling in extremely stringent food-processing environments. The new Tool Changer includes a stainless-steel design that resists attack by organic and inorganic compounds while withstanding aggressive washdown cleaning methods used in the food industry.

The unit features a direct-mount 100mm bolt circle to many food-handling robots. The unique design also features a washdown-capable seal between the Master- and Tool-sides that protects the locking mechanism from the severe washdown and food handling processes. Featuring ATI's patented Fail-Safe Locking Mechanism, the new Tool Changer has Lock and Unlock sensing integrated into its design for safe coupling and uncoupling. The integrated Lock and Unlock sensors are also sealed off from the environment, resulting in increased reliability of the sensing components. Other size food-handling Tool Changers are currently under development.

ATI offers a wide selection of Tool Changer models to cover a variety of applications. All ATI Tool Changers feature their patented Fail-Safe Locking Mechanism and No-Touch LockingTM technology. Key features include: Excellent repeatability, high rigidity, and a lightweight and compact design.  ATI Industrial Automation is a world-leading engineering-based developer of robotic peripheral equipment, including Automatic Tool Changers, Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensing Systems, Robotic Deburring Tools, Robotic Collision Sensors and Compliance Devices.  With over 20 years of experience, ATI provides customers with high-quality robotic peripheral devices, tooling and sensors that enhance their profitability by increasing the effectiveness, flexibility and safety of automation applications. 

For additional information about the QC-77 Tool Changer and other ATI products, contact ATI Industrial Automation, Pinnacle Park, 1031 Goodworth Drive, Apex, NC 27539, phone 919-772-0115, fax 919-772-8259, www.ati-ia.com.