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Applied Manufacturing Technologies is exhibiting at Automate 2019

POSTED 02/11/2019

Collaborative technology is helping to transform the way we think about manufacturing automation. Our engineers are able to apply different types of automation to provide the best manufacturing solutions for our customers. Each strategy we use creates different opportunities for humans and automation to work together safely and effectively.

Our exhibit at Automate 2019 demonstrates two different workspace designs with this kind of technology. One side of the display utilizes a collaborative robot device. A collaborative robot has force sensing capability that will stop the robot motion if it contacts an operator. The robot is able to work cooperatively with a human to build assemblies in a shared workspace. The other side of the display incorporates floor scanner devices with a standard industrial robot. This system allows the robot to work at high speeds when a human is not within the work area. The robot will modify its speed as a human approaches the table to perform intermittent tasks so that a safe condition is always achieved. These are just two examples to show how collaborative technology can be applied in different ways to suit the automation process.