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ABB Robotics unveils the next generation of flexible automation at Automatica 2022

POSTED 06/21/2022


  • ABB reveals new OmniVance™ brand of ABB's standardized, ready-to-deploy application cells that deliver the next generation of modular production, simple programming and set-up.
  • OmniVance™ FlexArc® Compact Cell makes welding easier, faster and more efficient while saving space.
  • OmniVance™ Machining Cell increases productivity in up to eight different applications, while Software radically improves set-up time, calibration and functionality.
  • Explore ABB’s latest innovations at Booth 231 in Hall 5 and experience the OmniVance™ FlexLoader® M application cell at work with Autonomous Mobile Robots from ABB’s ASTI Mobile Robotics, alongside digital and cobot demonstrations.

Laying the foundation for the factory of the future, ABB launched two transformative products under the new OmniVance™ brand at Automatica 2022: The OmniVance™ FlexArc Compact Cell and the OmniVance™ Machining Cell and Software.

“We’re facing an unprecedented shortage of skilled labor alongside global uncertainty and changing consumer demands,” says Marc Segura ABB Robotics Division President. “ABB’s robotics and software solutions are responding to those global trends as we deliver more intelligent, more adaptable, more mobile and more user-friendly technology to prepare customers for the future.”

Built with robots, controllers, software and other peripheral components, OmniVance application cells are ready-to-deploy modular solutions that can be easily integrated into production lines. With the ability to support smaller batches, they meet the growing demand for low volume, high-mix production solutions while readily responding to changing manufacturing needs. Both products are part of ABB’s strategy to deliver flexible production cells and software that can rapidly switch between different product types and easily integrate with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR).

ABB's stand at Automatica (Booth 231 in Hall B5) showcases the OnmniVance FlexArc Compact and The OmniVance Maching Cell and Machining Software through videos and interactive virtual tours, alongside live demonstrations featuring the OmniVance FlexArc M, paired with an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR). ABB's stand also features demonstrations from its cobot range - the CRB 15000 GoFa™ collaborative robot and CRB 1100 SWIFTI™ collaborative industrial robot as well as the latest software innovations including RobotStudio® software with new Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality capability.

“ABB’s OmniVance brand brings together all standardized application cells. Backed by over 50 years of expertise in robotic automation, the OmniVance cells come equipped with new software that speeds up integration while enabling greater flexibility and efficiency“, added Segura.

OmniVance FlexArc Compact saves space and brings greater flexibility to welding applications with the smallest footprint in its class. The cell can also be easily integrated with Autonomous Mobile Robots, while up to four fixed robots can be added to the cell to increase production capacity without the need to change its structure. See the full press release here.

The OmniVance Machining Cell and Machining Software bring greater flexibility and simplicity to a range of applications including sanding, polishing, cutting, and surface finishing. Able to perform up to eight different applications in a single cell, the new technology can run up to 20,000 hours in harsh conditions without needing maintenance. Reducing set-up time by 92%, the new Machining Software is the first in the market to offer auto-calibration and path-tuning in one tool, reducing calibration time to 10 minutes. See the full press release here.

OmniVance FlexLoader™ M

Taking center stage at ABB's stand at Automatica is the OmniVance FlexLoader™ M, which is integrated with an AMR machine tending solution. Inside the cell, parts detected using AI-enabled vision are selected and handled by an IRB 2600 robot. The display shows how autonomous mobile robotics present new possibilities for greater speed, flexibility and productivity in production processes by enabling parts to be transported where and when they are needed.


Visitors to the stand will have the opportunity to experience GoFa - ABB's simple and versatile cobot for automating a wide range of applications with payloads up to 5kg, from assembly through to machine tending and packaging. Offering the simplicity of two-button, lead-through programming and ABB's Wizard Easy Programming software, GoFa can be deployed by anyone at any level of expertise, including first time users.

The first demonstration on the stand will show how the function can be used to set up and position a gripper while the second will feature an arc welding application where visitors can use lead-through programming to create their own welding paths. The GoFa's force control and picking and placing using ABB's AsyCube Function Package - a flexible robotics-based feeding solution - will also be demonstrated.


ABB's CRB 1100 SWIFTI™ collaborative industrial robot, will be on display and working alongside an IRB 1300 industrial robot in a clock assembly application, handling both assembly and screwdriving tasks. Working together, the two robots will demonstrate how automating repetitive and mundane tasks can transform worker productivity. Using ABB's SafeMove collaborative safety software, SWIFTI combines the high speed and accuracy of an industrial robot with the benefits of fenceless installation and workspace sharing with human operators.


A dedicated zone at Booth 231 featuring both VR and AR demonstrations on ABB's RobotStudio/AR viewer app highlights how developments in software are helping to simplify programming and operating robots. The demonstrations will show how the tools can be used to design, test and refine entire production cells in a virtual world, to save time and disruption.

Visitors can also discover more about ABB's complete portfolio of robotic solutions, in the ABB Robotics Virtual Showroom, via five interactive touchscreens located around the stand.

To ensure that non-attendees don't miss out, ABB has created a digital trade show portal at https://automatica.events.abb.com/, enabling online visitors to view a virtual booth tour on 22 June 16:00-16:15 CEST (English) or 16:30-16:45 CEST (German), or on demand afterwards, and book one-to-one meetings with ABB experts.