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5th Year of APT High School Training Center Ends

POSTED 03/31/2020

HICKSVILLE—This year’s High School Training Center came to an abrupt end, due to the pandemic. Ten students spent the year at APT, learning both in a classroom setting and applying that knowledge in hands-on experience. They were able to complete all but one section of training, but returning students will have the opportunity to revisit that in the coming year.

All 10 students were from Hicksville High School this year, split evenly into 1st and 2nd year programs. The students came to the APT facility and were instructed by APT employees.

Throughout the school year, the students spent two hours per day at APT, logging hours on various skilled tasks with APT employees as instructors. The students worked “hands-on” in every area of our machining, fabrication, and automation divisions. This year, the first year capstone project involved using every department to design and machine a dice tray, then programming a robot to pick and place the die into their trays.

Four of these students will return next year to go through a second year of focused training, both in the classroom and on the floor. One has decided to return to school to focus on academics, which confirms that the Training Center program helps students decide if manufacturing is the industry they want to pursue, if so, which area to focus on, or if they would rather follow a different path.

One of these graduating students has been accepted into an APT apprenticeship programs, where APT will pay for their college and provide on-the-job training for them over the next 4 years.

APT’s Training Center has seen 34first year students in this program, with 12 of those returning for a second year. Eleven students have been employed at APT in a summer internship or full-time employment.