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Robotics Online Clicking Strong for Members and Customers

POSTED 08/19/2008  | By: Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR

Customer connections are thriving on Robotics Online where more than 4,900 clicks were recorded by advertisers in July, and a growing list of members received hot leads by way of RFQs and contacts from Company Profiles. Networking is on the rise between members, too. 

Business is growing for Robotic Industries Association members on Robotics Online as measured by RFQs (Requests for Quotes). In its first 11 weeks, 65 quote requests were delivered through the new site, and 48 inquiries came from Company Profiles. Membership makes this possible and for those with ad programs the numbers are even better.

As one might expect, leads like these originate worldwide. Some have more potential than others, but all demonstrate how “sticky” the site is – people and customers interested in robotics linger on Robotics Online, read about members’ products and take action such as a contact through the RFQ form.

In some cases, RIA members are networking with each other through the tools provided on Robotics Online. It is quite common for members to do business with each other, and some have become creative in using tools on the site for this purpose.

For instance, some contacts are about mutual business opportunities such as products and services a vendor might offer an integrator. These tend to bubble up from Company Profiles which serve as a hub of information about what a member company offers. This includes pictures and descriptions of products and services, and many companies load up their profiles with more editorial like news, case studies and even videos.

It should be no surprise that advertisers have even more contact with customers from Robotics Online. More than 4,900 clicks were recorded by advertisers in July (not counting RIA house ads).

Ultimately, it is up to the member to make the most of the lead generation services from Robotics Online. It would be tragic if members let contacts from potential customers sit unread without follow up. An alert is sent every time there is an RFQ or Company Profile inquiry. These alerts come from a domain that should be on the white list of every member company: [email protected].

RIA welcomes your feedback. For more information, contact Brian Huse at 734/994-6088.