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Robotic Solutions for all kinds of Applications

POSTED 05/25/2023

For a long time, it was particularly difficult for SMEs to take their first steps with robotics applications. The emergence and success of collaborative robots (cobots) has made all the difference. Their straightforward programming, short set-up times and easy integration make them incredibly flexible. For example, they are already proving very handy in areas such as screw fixing and welding, assembly and sorting and palletizing and machine loadingSales of conventional industrial robots are also on the up. Some 486,800 units were sold worldwide in 2021 – an increase of 27 percent. Regardless of which type of robot is being used, an appropriate integration solution is required – from robot tables and cabins/enclosures to guards. The item Building Kit System for robot solutions offers a key advantage in such applications. Its end-to-end modularity means components from all product categories, including mechanical engineering, conveying technology, linear technology and lean production, can be flexibly combined.

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