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Robotic and Automation Solutions for the Automotive Industry

POSTED 05/25/2023

Robotic and Automation Solutions for Automotive Manufacturers

How process automation systems provide specific support for automotive suppliers, with machine cabins playing a key role

The automotive industry is quite rightly regarded as a driving force in the history of robotics. After all, it was General Motors that first introduced the revolutionary Unimate industrial robot in 1961. The sector’s widespread use of robotics started in the 1970s and has continued ever since. In 2021, the prevalence of robots in the automotive sector was therefore some way ahead of other branches of industry. In Germany, there were 1311 robots per 10,000 staff. However, robotics in particular and automation in general are vitally important not just for car production, but also for the industry’s suppliers. They, too, face significant time and cost pressure. That’s why the Italian company Vensys has developed two special systems – a robot soldering station, and a machine to assemble and test electronic flasher units. A modular machine cabin based on Line XMS from item provides the necessary safety, flexibility and stability for each of these two projects

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