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Robonaut 2 is Subject of Keynote Address at Automate 2011

POSTED 01/13/2011  | By: Jeff Burnstein, Robotic Industries Association

RIA President Jeff Burnstein shakes hands with GM-NASA Robonaut 2I took a handoff from the GM-NASA Robonaut 2 while at a recent press event in Warren, Michigan, and the first thing that struck me about the GM-NASA Robonaut 2 is how big he was.

With his football-player physique and great hands, he would be a terrific addition to my beloved Michigan Wolverines!  But, those great hands will have to come in handy elsewhere.

The dexterity of Robonaut is extremely impressive; indeed, the developments in the hand are among the most sophisticated I’ve seen.  Strong grip when shaking hands, but also the ability to manipulate delicate items, such as the envelope he handed me during the demonstration I participated in.

I’m very excited to learn more about Robonaut 2 during the keynote addresss at Automate on Tuesday, March 22 in Chicago. Learn more about the Show and Conference at www.automate2011.com.