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How to Use this Site

POSTED 01/13/2009

Robotics Online is designed to help you get information about robotics. It has been carefully optimized for search engines and for a simple user experience. Robotics Online is published by Robotic Industries Association; the only North American non-profit trade association dedicated solely to the robotics industry, and has a long tradition as the leading source of online information about robotics.

Advertising is one of the ways visitors learn about robotics. Companies that advertise choose Robotics Online because they have specific products and services that fit the needs of industry. Visitors to the site have a predisposition to robotics in general and those that use the site the most are specifically interested in industrial robotics. Robotics Online facilitates highly qualified business connections. Members can login to see all the advertising options. Some advertising information is available to the public in the Bookstore (click here).

Basics of Navigating Robotics Online

There are three quick-find tabs and an indexed search function to help make using the site fast and easy. Keyword search is the simplest. Just plug in a term and get results. You can narrow your search quickly with “Find a Product,” “Find a Company,” or “Find a Service.”

Content is organized into types of information. The Info Center is like a big bucket for most of the content. Robotics Online publishes case studies, technical papers, news, feature articles and more. It is the place to go for the latest information from the industry – especially from RIA members.

Robotics Online provides an online store of books and other resources on robotics. Navigation links on the left side take you to areas of special interest, from Ask the Experts to members-only login pages with even more content for the business minded user.

Bread Crumbs Lead You to More Information

When viewing content, especially results from a search, content is divided into categories that are displayed as “bread crumbs” at the top of the page. This allows you to consider related content and helps you find similar content on the site.

For example, a case study will show at the top how it is filed under various industries, applications and peripheral equipment content. Role over these terms to see the specific categories and drill down for more content in those areas. It is much like when Amazon alerts you to various other items of interest.

Buyer’s Guide Opens Door to Market Intelligence

Every company you find in the Robotics Online Buyer’s Guide is a member of Robotic Industries Association. They invest carefully to be part of this industry trade group, and you will not find another source more focused on companies that serve the industry. Members provide case studies, technical papers, even videos. You can find and compare companies, discover new products and more.

Clicking an ad or requesting a quote from Robotics Online is a sure way to find information you can trust will be relevant in your search for information and help for your robotics needs. Robotics Online
is published by the only North American trade association dedicated solely to the robotics industry: Robotic Industries Association.