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Efficient transfer systems for precise material transport

POSTED 05/03/2024

In modern industry, automated processes and efficient material transport are of central importance for increasing productivity and optimizing production processes. Transfer systems play a crucial role in this.

Montech Transfer Systems

With a customized transfer system, production and assembly processes can be optimized. The basis of our automated transfer systems is a strong and modular system of framing and conveyor technology.

Precision and flexibility in production
A system consisting of several machines only works as a whole if the individual production steps are efficiently connected to each other. And that's exactly what our LTE and LT40 transfer systems do. They enable smooth feeding, unloading, buffering, separating, and positioning of workpieces or workpiece carriers. Our transfer systems are suitable both for high quantities and completely automated transfer systems with short cycle times as well as for small batch sizes of various designs with partially automated transfer systems and manual workstations.

The LTE and LT40 transfer systems
The LTE transfer system is an innovative single-belt system for guiding workpieces in industrial processes at speeds of 7.7 to 19 m/min. It offers automated material transport between workstations, uses standardized workpiece carriers in four sizes with a maximum load capacity of 5.3 kg, and enables precise deflections via curves.

The LT40 transfer system is a double toothed belt system with speeds of up to 20 m/min. It comes in three sizes and six workpiece carrier sizes with a maximum payload of 16.8 kg. It enables versatile applications, ensures efficient material processing, and fulfills high energy efficiency and precision requirements.

Individual solutions for modern manufacturing processes
The LTE and LT40 transfer systems differ in the size of the workpiece carrier, the possibility of working from below, and the load capacity; the LTE transfer system is suitable for smaller workpiece carriers and the LT40 transfer system for larger and heavier loads. Both systems offer advanced solutions for precise and smooth material transport in various industries. Thanks to their great efficiency, flexibility, and energy efficiency, they make a significant contribution to optimizing production processes and increasing productivity.