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Efficient and flexible belt conveyors

POSTED 05/01/2024

The importance of efficient material handling and product transport in industry cannot be emphasized enough. Our versatile and needs-optimized belt conveyors therefore offer the greatest adaptability and efficiency. They are suitable for large containers or small components and both SMEs and large corporations in various industries use them.


A belt conveyor in production enables fast and efficient transport of materials and products. Even heavy items are transported effortlessly. Montech's high-performance belt conveyors are therefore extremely popular in a variety of industries, from the food and pharmaceutical industries to the automotive industry. By replacing manual conveying processes, they increase the efficiency and continuity of the material flow in the production facilities.

Innovative materials
Montech is committed to optimizing its products and innovating constantly. The choice of materials plays a decisive role here. The materials used in our belt conveyors provide optimal performance. The framing of the belt conveyors consists of an anodized aluminum profile that is extremely lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Our adjustable side guides are available in three shapes and two material versions: Wear-resistant PE in white or with anti-static properties in black. Our belts are available in anti-static and FDA-compatible versions, which makes them perfect for different industries.

Intelligent technologies
Our engineers are constantly searching for optimal technical solutions. The belt conveyors’ profiles have grooves for fixing side guides without additional brackets, as well as T-grooves for supporting on floor stands and attaching other accessories. In the event of increased loads, steel plates are inserted underneath the belt conveyor. Our belt conveyors use rubberized drive rollers to minimize energy losses due to slippage. The drive options are energy efficient and include a brushless DC motor, a three-phase asynchronous motor, and a brushless EC motor with speed, current, and position controller. The motors can be integrated as head drive, center drive, or in the drive roller. In particular, the integrated drive enables a compact design of the belt conveyor without protruding contours or increased overall height.

Modular system for flexible, modular, and varied belt conveyors
Our belt conveyors are highly standardized and modular in order to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Thanks to the modular system, setup is simple and versatile; various configuration options and a wide range of accessories allow customization. This opens up a wide and diverse field of applications and allows us to create custom-tailored solutions at attractive prices with short delivery times.

Custom-tailored solutions
The conveyor technology selected makes a decisive difference in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a production or transport line. Our flexible, reliable belt conveyors, transfer systems, and roller conveyors can be configured precisely to suit individual requirements. Thanks to the modular design of our systems, material flows can be designed exactly according to requirements and the available space. Montech's technical solutions are based on innovation and experience; they support a wide range of manufacturers and meet the specific requirements of the automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, plastics, and metals industries. They are therefore suitable for all purposes, whether to optimize production or to set up a new line.