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Leuze electronic offers an extensive line of safety and automation products including safety light curtains and grids, state-of-the art laser area scanners, opto-electronic devices including a full line of sensor products, bar- code readers for both standard and 2-D applications as well as innovative optical data transmission systems. Started in 1994, Leuze electronic has become a major factor in the North American safety and automation marketplace. With a steady stream of innovative products addressing the needs of the consumer we are accomplishing the task of products that are designed to be reliable and durable while still being user friendly. With a dedicated and knowledgeable sales force, Leuze electronic offers dependable service, technical assistance and an unrivaled approach to solving even the most difficult applications.

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ATEX Light Curtain for Paint Shop Applications

POSTED 10/29/2019  | By: Rod Karch, Safety Specialist at Leuze electronic USA

The Leuze MLC520-EX2 safety light curtain is rated for Zone 2 and Zone 22 atmospheres which is approximately equivalent to the NFPA Class I Division II electrical rating or "Hazardous because flammable gases or vapors are present" but "only in abnormal conditions". This makes the advanced MLC520-EX2 light curtain a great product for paint booth applications.  

As indicated in the NFPA the inside of a paint booth is generally classified as Class I Division I which means that flammable/explosive dusts or gases are present during normal operation. All devices used on the inside of the paint booth must meet the Class I Div. I requirements for these hazards. The NFPA code, however, de-rates a 3ft bubble around the entrance and exit points of the booth to Class I Division II. This allows for the installation and use of the EX2 light curtain at the entrance and exit points to the paint booth for safety monitoring.

The EX2 is available in 20 or 30mm safety resolutions with protective field heights of 600-1800mm. The unit also has a convenient 7-segment display for alignment and quick diagnostic information.  EDM monitoring and manual restart capability are integrated into the unit. The receiver and transmitter units have interlocking guards for the M12 connection which protects for accidental disconnection of the connection while powered. This assists with the “non-sparking” specific attribute to the EX2 model. Muting is available for the light curtain with the use of the MSI400 programmable relay or easy to use MSI-MD-FB muting interface.

Please learn more about our MLC520-EX2 safety light curtain in our brochure or on our website.