Cobot Robotic Inspection Boosts Output Efficiency and Product Quality

Cobot Robotic Inspection Boosts Output Efficiency and Product Quality

Industrial Inspection Cobots Enable Side-by-Side Human Interaction for Superior Product Quality

Collaborative robots (cobots) are used for a variety of quality inspection applications to detect flaws and integrity of an assembly or system. Often utilized in manufacturing to conduct visual inspections on products and assemblies at various stages of the manufacturing process, cobots are also used by the transportation and energy industries to inspect machinery and systems to ensure safe, reliable operations.

Equipped with 2D or 3D vision sensors, robotic inspection cobots are capable of inspecting several aspects of a single part with accuracy and precision. They typically are lightweight and have a small footprint, making them easy to deploy and re-deploy to meet a variety of changing factory needs. They are also easy to program, usually requiring no programming experience. As with other cobots, robotic inspection cobots can be used for repetitive tasks, protecting human operators from safety concerns and freeing them to take on more cognitive tasks.

Offering flexibility, higher productivity and precision, industrial inspection cobots are leveraged by a number of industries, including automotive, transportation, metal fabrication, machinery, food & beverage, and agriculture. They are particularly beneficial to ensure that regulated and strict quality standards are met, enhancing product reliability and protecting against costly recalls.

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