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Molding Optically Clear Lenses for Cellular Phones

POSTED 01/01/1900

Yushin Servo Robots ideal for clean- room applications. 
Case sited:
molding optically clear lenses for cellular phones. 


InteSeys (Gilbert Arizona), performs multiple, sequential manufacturing processes for a major cellular phone manufacturer.  Digital-readout lenses are molded, with in-mold decoration.  An adhesive foam pad and a lens protector are added; the parts are then accumulated onto reels; finally, they are automatically assembled into the front of the phone housings. Bob Fair, VP of Manufacturing at InteSeys, said that molding the optically clear lenses is the most critical operation.

InteSeys needed robots that did not generate oil mist. Production takes place in a clean room to avoid dust or debris that could contaminate the process.  The Yushin servo robots were ideal for this application: unlike pneumatic robots, they generate no oil mist.  Also, with scaled bearings and toothed-belt, drive mechanisms (as opposed to ball-screw or rack-and-pinion drives), there are no exposed, lubricated components that could generate other contaminates.


As four different lenses are made on the same press, the programmable capabilities of the Yushin servo robots are a distinct advantage, and changeovers regularly occur in a matter of minutes.  The robot uses suction cups to remove lenses from the four-cavity molds, position the parts in a degating fixture then remove them from the fixture and stack them on a conveyor.  During stacking, the lenses are isolated by cavity for more precise quality monitoring and product certification.  The consistency with which these operations are performed helps contribute to the high dimensional and cosmetic standards demanded by a world-class customer.  InteSeys has standardized on Yushin robots.