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How RIVA meets the requirements of the future

POSTED 07/31/2019

The aseptic preparation of drugs such as infusion solutions is one of the more complex tasks in pharmaceutical dispensing. In addition to creating the right conditions for production, the right technology for automation of the process has to be identified and implemented.

ARxIUM is a multinational company that offers clinics and pharmacies around the world a highly efficient automation solution for the filling and compounding of infusions that meets the highest standards in terms of quality and quantity. RIVA™ is a fully automated infusion compounding system that incorporates a TX60L robot arm. The pioneering technology that has gone into RIVA™ means that it is already future-proofed to meet the regulatory requirements of tomorrow's pharmaceutical industry with regard to safety, efficiency and, above all, precision.

Automation is on the rise and Industry 4.0 is steering the way ahead. ARxIUM has set out to establish a technology that would be synonymous with Pharma 4.0 and be able to operate within ISO Class 5 or higher. As a leading developer of automation, inventory, workflow and consulting solutions for pharmacies, the company has always set the technical bar high.  Positioned with branch offices in North America and Canada, ARxIUM has made a name for itself by embarking on new and innovative ways to achieve quality, flexibility, speed and productivity. One important component of this has been a Stäubli robot which, in this case of the RIVA™ production system, is more specifically a Stäubli TX60L.

As a fully hydrogen-peroxide-resistant machine, the TX60L is not only equipped with special gearing but also has specially treated surfaces. Even more significantly, the enclosed structure of the Stericlean model and its IP65 credentials made it the perfect choice for the demands imposed by ARxIUM on the robotics solution for the RIVA™ compounding system.

In its central role on the production line, the Stäubli TX60L Stericlean robot transfers the products via different stations within the RIVA™ compounding cell. It utilizes the space and contributes to the smooth running of the RIVA™ cell during a three-shift operation.

Stäubli is the only robot manufacturer to equip its machines with gearboxes that are manufactured in-house. For ARxIUM, this meant a significant reduction in maintenance costs with an associated extension of service life. Durability and advanced technology were key requirements for ARxIUM, even if changes are made in the future to the cell design. This well-established robotics solution can be adapted to any circumstances, the TX60L robot arm can be floor, wall or ceiling mounted and the scope for reconfiguring the cell is virtually unlimited.

Using a robot to automate a repetitive and complex process is the modern way of doing things, also in this specific instance, it reduces the risk of error or contamination in the manufacture of syringes and infusions. The success of the system speaks for itself as to date; more than 50 TX60L robots plus controllers have been installed by ARxIUM alone. The number of infusion doses so far compounded on RIVA™ systems is an impressive 9 million. The RIVA™ robotic cell has proven so successful with some customers that a second and often third system has been installed and is now delivering excellent service.