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Flexible Cable Performs in Severe Cold Temperature Environments

POSTED 11/01/2010  | By: Stewart Later



A leading North American manufacturer of electric fork lift trucks wanted a rugged flexible cable that could not only withstand thousands upon thousands of flexes year after year, but also endure extreme sub-zero temperatures in working environments where the fork lift equipment is used to offload foods and perishables from cold storage.

Continuous flex cables typically incorporate superfine conductor stranding and tight lay lengths, but may also employ unusual construction design, manufacturing techniques, and special insulating and jacketing compounds to extend the cables flex life. But most flex cables are designed to operate within a temperature range from +90°C down to -20°C. At even lower temperatures, however, even high-quality flex cables may be vulnerable to excessive rigidity as well as cracking.

For unusual applications in severe environments, BICCGeneral has unmatched resources to tackle the toughest cutting-edge challenges whenever and wherever they may arise. These resources include custom engineering and design, plus the industry s most comprehensive range of insulation and jacketing materials and technologies.

In addition, BICCGeneral is always on the lookout for product development requirements of individual situations and solutions that may have wider applications in other industries well beyond the immediate prospect or sale. Experience is still the best teacher, which is why and how BICCGeneral continues to learn and lead.


For extreme continuous flexing applications in severe cold temperature environments, BICCGeneral utilized state-of-the-art technology, process and materials to develop a unique, superior-performance cold temperature flex cable demonstrating outstanding cold bend (-55°C) and cold impact (-35°C) properties. The insulation and jacket system is designed for exceptional versatility and durability in a broader spectrum of temperature conditions from +90°C all the way down to -55°C, providing continuous flexing capabilities in warm and/or cold weather or environmental conditions.

The superior-performance properties of BICCGeneral s unique cold temperature flex cable include:


  • Outstanding continuous flexibility performance characteristics even at extreme cold temperatures
  • Significantly improved cold temperature performance (-55°C cold bend, -35°C cold impact)
  • Suitable for all continuous flex applications, year round, from extreme heat to extreme cold environments
  • Excellent oil and chemical resistance
  • Specially formulated thermoset low-temperature jacket compound
  • UL AWM Listed and CSA AWM Certified for 300V/600V applications

BICCGeneral is the flex cable problem-solver.