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An Automated Cell for Prosthesis Surgeries

POSTED 06/01/1999

Orto MAQUET, a 1500-employee German company, and leading operating table manufacturer for the last 150 years, innovates with a new automated cell called CASPAR (Computer Assisted Surgical Planning And Robotics): the first and only robotic surgical system for bone and joint surgery.

CASPAR is modern technology for joint-replacement surgery, initially focusing on hip replacement prosthetics. The STÄUBLI RX 6 axes robot very precisely prepares the shaft bearing giving CASPAR its main advantage. Compared with conventional surgical methods, it allows precise surgical planning in the operating room. The surgeon is able to utilize the vast amount of information from modern diagnostic systems to the fullest extent and to position the prosthesis accurately. For example, CASPAR allows the location of the implant in the bone to be assessed in each sectional plane and, if necessary, to be corrected.

CASPAR translates the planned positioning of the prosthesis during surgery with accuracy within tenths of a millimeter. This precise milling of the prosthesis bearing provides extremely high rotational stability and surface contact between the prosthesis and the bone, thus eliminating the risk of shaft fissures, fractures or breaks.

This high precision in surgical planning and performance results in reduced stress for the patient, less time spent in the hospital and faster rehabilitation.

Stäubli RX90 robots were chosen for their high precision, as well as their cleanroom requirements (class 1): their stainless steel fabrication, smooth polyurethane enamel surfaces and enclosed arm design ensure maximum hygiene and safety in operating rooms.

Applications for replacing the anterior cruciate knee ligament and implanting knee endoprostheses will soon follow. CASPAR installations for other knee and joint surgical procedures are already being planned.

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