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MotoFit™ is a new six-axis force sensing package for high-speed precision assembly applications. MotoFit alters the robot’s position based on the force encountered to align or assemble parts, whereas without MotoFit, a robot is set up for positional control; the robot moves to or retains position even when external forces are applied, provided that forces do not exceed limits that would cause an error.

This six-axis force sensor can detect three translational forces and three axial moments. Three operations (touching, fitting and inserting) are combined to provide automatic precision fits of mating surfaces of 10–100 µm. High-speed fits – up to 20 mm deep with h7/H7 tolerance – can typically be done in five seconds. This makes MotoFit ideal for drive train components, seat, electronics or battery assembly and non-destructive testing.

MotoFit includes a six-axis sensor, high-speed communication board, power supply box, robot mounting flange adapter and Engineering Support Tool (EST) software. EST, a PC application, is used for sensor setup and job creation. After creation, jobs can be edited if needed.

Select Motoman® robots (6-15 axis; up to 20 kg payload) are offered with MotoFit. Compatible robot controllers include the new DX200 and FS100. 

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