Rotary Servo Actuators - Water Cooled

Model: SPM/TPM


Image of Rotary Servo Actuators - Water Cooled

SPM+ endurance: Water-cooled servo actuators for maximum efficiency, high power density and minimum cycle times.

Actuators with water cooling for maximum efficiency, high power density and minimum cycle times. Thanks to a flexible modular system, various gearboxes can be integrated in a manner tailored to the motors. The highly compact design opens up numerous possibilities for smaller machinery thanks to maximum power density.

Highly compact motor/transmission unit with water cooling thanks to innovative stainless steel cooling technology consisting of a precision planetary gearbox and permanent-magnet-excited synchronous servo motor with resolver

Two versions:

  • SPM+ endurance, servo actuator with one or two-stage gearbox and output shaft
  • TPM+ endurance, servo actuator with one, two or three-stage gearbox and output flange

Increased energy efficiency
Low torsional backlash plus high rigidity provide for smaller motors and reduced energy consumption and investments.

Increased productivity
An actuator with a low moment of inertia and an extremely rigid drive train provide for maximum precision and power.

Increased availability
Especially when used in open cooling circuits, the stainless steel cooling system provides for a durable and low-maintenance drive solution.

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