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Guardian XO Full-Body Powered Exoskeleton

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Image of Guardian XO Full-Body Powered Exoskeleton

The Sarcos Guardian® XO® exoskeleton represents the next step in the evolution of high-performance, highly dexterous, mobile robots that augment human performance. Sarcos Robotics is the first and only company in the world to produce a full-body, powered robotic exoskeleton that increases strength and endurance. The Guardian XO exoskeleton enables the operator to perform hours of physical activity that would otherwise be impossible for a single human to perform.

Because the Guardian XO exoskeleton supports natural, fluid, and intuitive movement, it requires relatively minimal operator training. A Guardian XO exoskeleton is capable of repeatedly lifting and supporting up to 200 pounds (90 kg) without fatigue or strain. The human operator bears none of the load of the exoskeleton, and only that portion of the payload that is necessary to enable the operator to understand that weight is being lifted. The Guardian XO exoskeleton can be donned and doffed in just 30 seconds.

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Sarcos Guardian XO Full-Body Powered Exoskeleton: Overview & Demonstration

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