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Insights is a web application that measures Universal Robots performance. It monitors the robot cell and provides data to optimize your operation and increase productivity.

Insights gives manufacturing engineers the right KPIs to improve their product quality and increase process efficiency. Automation engineers get the data to optimize robot performance by reducing cycle time and diagnosing failures. Production managers see the long term trend in robot performance to improve planning and overall productivity. Insights Dashboard also gives the operators real-time status and alerts to simplify the production.

Insights brings real-time monitoring, analysis, and diagnostics to collaborative robots. It will keep you posted on your robot’s performance anywhere, anytime, thanks to the Insights web app.

Insights gives a real-time view of the robot’s key performance indicators (KPI) in operation. You’ll assess cycles completed, efficiency, wait-time, and overall utilization for each robot.

Get real-time notifications directly on your computer or smartphone. Drill-down to a detailed robot cell status view to identify the root cause for exceptions, faults, or slow-downs.

Subscribe to periodic performance reports for your robots. They include all KPIs and trends. You then have all the data to optimize your robot performance.

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