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Parallel Index Drives

Model: TP/XP Series

Motion Index Drives, Inc.

Image of Parallel Index Drives

The TP Series is ideal for high-speed applications, indexing a conveyor or controlling pivot arms. Standard TP Series Parallel Index Drives have aluminum housings that can be treated to suit any automated environment and flame-hardened internal components to extend the indexer’s life. The TP Series has a wide range of versatility; multiple options are available that allow it to fill several roles.

Advantages for design engineers and special machine builders

  • Available with dual input and output shafts
  • Oscillating index operation capabilities
  • Easy synchronization of other mechanical devices
  • Housing machined on all sides for use in any mounting position

Technical benefits for users

  • High precision in dwell
  • Backlash-free output flange
  • Conjugate cam design
  • Capable of over 1,000 cycles per minute
  • Flame hardened cams and cam followers
  • Internal components immersed in oil bath
  • Completely maintenance free

Options available

  • Multiple cam designs available
  • Clockwise, counter-clockwise or oscillating index mode of operation
  • Automatic reversing cam
  • Gear motors for special environments (e.g. explosion proof, water proof)
  • Custom shaft sizes
  • Hollow shaft on larger models
  • Custom index and dwell angles
  • Clean room ready with MEDEX Index Drives

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