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Image of »RealTime Vision« Kithara »Real-Time Vision« allows for real-time capture of image data with industrial cameras according to the GigE Vision® standard. Utilizing large buffer memory along with powerful real-time network drivers, image data can be captured reliably without packet loss, thus providing highly accurate data sets. The reaction to incoming GigE Vision images takes place in the context of the real-time environment within only a few microseconds. For image processing, Kithara »RealTime Vision« also provides image libaries such as HALCON or OpenVC with real-time capabilities. Processed image data can be utilized to immediately trigger real-time tasks in order to execute instant control reactions within EtherCAT-based or CANopen-based automation systems. Real-time image capturing key features:
  • Image acquisition with GigE Vision cameras in real-time, event- or request-based
  • Priority-driven preemptive real-time multi-tasking
  • All GigE Vision compliant cameras supported
  • Multi-camera-systems supported
  • GenICam features fully supported
  • Hot plugging, automatic connection handling, read and write camera memory)
  • Custom heartbeat timeout; start and stop image acquistion
  • Extensive streaming options incl. multi-streaming, high-performance acquistion, customizable buffer size and count, missed or incomplete image notification
  • Real-time image processing key features:
  • Real-time image processing with HALCON or OpenCV
  • Processing is done in real-time tasks
  • Automatic parallelization
  • instant triggering of control reactions via EtherCAT, CANopen or PLC
  • A free trial version of the »RealTime Suite« including »RealTime Vision« is available.

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