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KINGSTAR Machine Vision Powered by Matrox


Image of KINGSTAR Machine Vision Powered by Matrox

Replace Your Vision Control Hardware with Software at Half the Cost

The KINGSTAR platform uses Matrox to deliver precision vision control. Through our unique partnership, KINGSTAR customers can incorporate machine vision software easily and cost effectively.

Develop Machine Vision, Image Analysis, and Medical Imaging Software Applications
Build interactive applications and functions for image capture, processing, analysis, annotation, display, and archiving on GigE Vision®, USB3 Vision™ and other camera devices with machine vision from KINGSTAR and Matrox. This unique vision control software is designed to enhance productivity, reducing the time and effort required to bring your solution to market.

The Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) is available to run natively in the RTX64 real-time operating system platform (RTOS) for Windows. With MIL, a developer can partition a MIL-based application to run on RTX64 and Windows and perform response-critical parts within RTX64. MIL also supports image capture, processing and analysis, and output activation and real-time communication, as well as image capture using GigE Vision®, USB3 Vision™ and supported Matrox frame grabbers.

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