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Mini Actuators, rotary

Model: FHA-C Mini Actuators

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The FHA-C Mini Series is a family of extremely compact Hollow Shaft Actuators that deliver high torque with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. The actuator combines a high precision Harmonic Drive® gear component with a pancake brushless servo motor. An incremental or multi-turn absolute encoder is integrated to provide high resolution velocity and position feedback. The large cross roller output bearing allows heavy loads to be mounted directly to the actuator without the need for additional support.

Key Features

  • Compact Form Factor
  • Hollow-shaft design (for incremental encoder only)
  • Available with an Incremental or Multi-turn Absolute Encoder
  • Robust Cross Roller Output Bearing Supports High Loads
  • High torque/weight and torque/volume ratio


  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment: Transfer Robot, CMP, Implanter
  • Liquid Crystal Manufacturing Equipment: Transfer Robot, Inspection Equipment
  • Small Machine Tools: 4th and 5th Axis, Rotary Table, Tool Changer
  • Medical and Lab Automation: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment, Lab Automation

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