FlexLink Systems, Inc. Product

Aluminum Modular Wide Belt Conveyors

Model: WK, WL322, WL424, WL626

FlexLink Systems, Inc.

Designed for applications that handle large card board boxes or products in soft plastic bags

Image of Aluminum Modular Wide Belt Conveyors

The modular wide belt conveyor is designed for applications that handle products which call for the stable support of a wide chain such as: secondary packaging of food and hygiene products, pouches, soft plastic bags, shrink wrapped products, card board boxes, and plastic containers. It is highly suitable when the production requires horizontal transport between case packers, cartoners, in-case fillers, shrink/stretch wrappers or bulk packers.

Conveyor range

Modular plastic belt conveyor widths range from 304 to 608 mm. fitted in an aluminum beam.

Conveyor product lines: WK, WL322, WL424, WL626


The belt conveyor system has many of the benefits of the original FlexLink conveyor system. Thanks to the modular design, the conveyors are easy to design and assemble to match your specific needs. The added advantage of a side-flexing wide belt (up to 600 mm) permits effective transport and accumulation in several different configurations.


The plastic belt surface ensures safe and gentle transport of the conveyed goods. A high-friction belt for vertical ascents is available as an option. The fine mesh pattern of the chain minimizes the risk of jamming or tearing goods that are being transported, and also improves operator safety.

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