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Epson IntelliFlex - Integrated Flexible Feeding

Model: IntelliFlex

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IntelliFlex Parts Feeding System

Powered by Epson robots, IntelliFlex Software, and Vision Guide, the IntelliFlex Feeding System delivers a simplistic feeding solution to accommodate a wide variety of parts. Integrated with Epson RC+® Development Software, the IntelliFlex Feeding System offers easy setup and configuration. Its point-and-click interface helps reduce the typical development time required for advanced applications. With two feeder sizes available (the IntelliFlex 240 and 530), the system can accommodate part sizes ranging from 5 to 150 mm. The IntelliFlex system also offers intelligent auto-tuning for fast setup and flexible parts changeover. And, multi-axis vibration technology provides optimized parts control and singulation.


  • Fully integrated into the Epson RC+ programming environment for fast, simple configuration
  • Point-and-click interface helps reduce the typical development time required for advanced applications
  • Easily optimization for complete parts control
  • Smart auto-tuning automatically adjusts feeder parameters for new parts setup using built-in artificial intelligence
  • Unique directional vibration capabilities allow optimized parts control and singulation
Experience the difference with Epson’s IntelliFlex Parts Feeding System. Powered by Epson Robots, IntelliFlex software and Vision Guide, this smart singulation solution easily accommodates a variety of parts, including medical, electronic, industrial and automotive components, to streamline parts feeding applications.

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