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Image of 10GigE HT-Series HT-Series cameras are equipped with a 10GBaseT-RJ45 connection. With their sleek smaller case and CAT6A connection, these cameras have the familiarity of GigE but with 10 times the speed. Using CAT6A cabling, you can get cable lengths up to 100 meters. They feature the latest CMOS sensors with global shutter technology from Sony and AMS. Models range from 0.5 to 50 Megapixels. Other benefits include multi-camera synchronization at <1µs, low CPU overhead, excellent price-performance ratio. Polarized and near-Infrared options are available on selected models. Now featuring Sony Pregius S sensor technology Our HT-Series now offer selected camera models with Sony Pregius S sensors. Sony Pregius S is a new sensor technology that features back-illuminated pixel structure that delivers distortion-free, high imaging performance and miniaturization. https://emergentvisiontec.com/products/area-scan-cameras/10-gige-area-scan-cameras-ht-series/

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