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3200 Series heavy duty, low maintenance conveyors that are ideal for medium to heavy sized parts, precision applications, bulk handling and both automated and manual assembly. They are available in both fabric and modular belts.

Image of 3200 Series Conveyors

3200 Series Conveyors are best for:

  • Parts Handling
  • Transfers
  • Accumulation
  • Precision Parts Movement
  • Part Incline/Decline Routing (Z Frames)
  • Positioning
  • Automated and Manual Assembly
  • High Speeds
  • Long Runs
  • Mainline Packaging

Benefits of 3X Series

Low Maintenance

  • Dorners Industry Best V-Guiding provides positive belt tracking under demanding side load applications
  • Modular belts and spliced standard belts allow for quick belt changing, reducing downtime
  • Precise Rack and Pinion Belt Tensioning
  • Sealed for Life Bearings

Time Saving

  • Dorner’s online configurator engineers simple or complex conveyors to meet your needs in minutes
  • The industry leading tool delivers a complete 3D CAD assembly model for instant validation of fit
Dorner's 3200 Modular Belt Conveyor is ideal for part handling, accumulation, positioning, high speeds, long runs, and product transfers. It's perfect for processing and packaging applications, industrial automation, assembly, and more!

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