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AMR Toppers

Model: AMR.Topper.XXX

Direct Conveyors LLC

Direct Conveyors provides a wide selection of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Toppers, including Conveyors, Scissor Lifts, Riser

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AMR Toppers and Stations

Conveyor Toppers

Standard Roller Conveyor Toppers are employed to transport Pallets, Totes, or products in and out of workstations.

Scissor Lifts & Risers

Scissor Lifts and Risers are utilized to accommodate varying height requirements from one station to another.

2 Bar Lifts

2 Bar Lifts are utilized to position themselves under a product and transport it between stations and are most frequently employed with Pallets or Carriers.

Fixed Stations

Fixed Stations are employed for depositing or retrieving products for queuing or storage, and frequently serve as a transfer point for handoff to a Fork Truck.

Over/Under Stations

Over/Under Systems are effective for staging products within a robotic cell, enabling a blend of AMRs and operators to work in conjunction.

Side-by-Side Stations

Side-by-Side Systems are employed to circulate a Pallet around a loop, typically returning it to the AMR.

Other Products from Direct Conveyors LLC

Pallet Conveyor Systems Image

Pallet Conveyor Systems

Pallet Conveyor Systems use nonsynchronous conveyors to accumulate parts on a Pallet or Carrier in a loop or over/under configuration.

74 Series Indexing Timing Belt Conveyor Image

74 Series Indexing Timing Belt Conveyor

74 Series Indexing Timing Belt Conveyor come in single lane or multiple lane configurations.