Conductix-Wampfler Product

Image of ChargeLine 0865

The ChargeLine 0865 from Conductix-Wampfler is specially developed and designed to enable opportunity charging in various applications. It is currently the only Conductor Rail System on the market that allows Millions of cycles, making it the best solution for opportunity charging tasks.

Advantages of opportunity charging:


  • Install ChargeLine only where you need it
  • Allows for simple installation even in multiple dimensions
  • Can be ordered in customized lengths to avoid extra work on site


  • No need to use Conductor Rail in curves or switches
  • No need for Expansion Joints and other complex parts
  • It can be replaced without touching the rest of the system


  • Smaller investment in Conductor Rails means fewer costs
  • Faster installation due to more standard and simple parts
  • Less brush wear because of much-reduced mileage

Advantages of ChargeLine 0865:

  • Long Lifetime up to 5 Million cycles on each unit
  • Charging while moving is not possible with other systems
  • Easy planning & installation of modular design and prefabricated components
  • Protection Class IP21 Better than charging contacts and most competitor systems
  • High Voltage Charging up to 22 kW/h


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