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VeriSens® XF series

Model: VeriSens® XF

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Image of <i>VeriSens</i><sup>®</sup> XF series

VeriSens® XF series: All aboard!

VeriSens® is a complete image processing system in the shape of a sensor for quality checks, object identification and robot guidance. The XF series provides maximum functionality and includes everything required to immediately enter the world of image processing. The versatile scope of functionalities ensures maximum flexibility of up to 22 feature checks and makes sure the right image tool is always available. A single sensor will suffice for simultaneously checking object properties and positions as well as reading text (OCR / OCV) and 1D / 2D codes. All XF series models feature robust 360° part location by FEXLoc® for reliable part recognition.

  • Simply configured within a few minutes thanks to VeriSens® Application Suite
  • Versatile connection options via digital inputs and outputs as well as Industrial Ethernet
  • Full range of VeriSens® feature checks (monochrome or color)
  • Intelligent 3D color assistant ColorFEX® to set up color inspections quickly and intuitively
  • Integrated lens and illumination
  • Easy control of Universal Robots (XF900 series)
  • Software included

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