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Image of visionStation ™ Just plug it in and it works! The Artemis visionStation™ is a tightly integrated vision solution backed by years of research and development, and has been field tested to comply with thorough standards and survive industrial conditions. We combine a camera and lens to match the inspection requirements, along with lighting and filters, to ensure that each inspection is consistent and accurate. After determining the specific requirements for the inspection, the jig is built based on the parts supplied by the client. Each system is tested for ergonomics and ease-of-use to ensure that it can enter production directly out of the box. The software is built from our extensive library of components — reading data matrices, doing measurements, absence-presence, providing counts etc. All the data, including images, can either be integrated into an existing data warehouse or stored in the Artemis visionWrangler™ system for easy recall and analysis.

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