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UDMmc Two/Four Axis Ethercat Drive Module

ACS Motion Control

Image of UDMmc Two/Four Axis Ethercat Drive Module

Two / Four Axis Drive Module, 80V, Up to 20/40A

EtherCAT ® Drive Module, Unique, Compact, Cost Effective

  • Universal dual/quad motor Drive Modules for EtherCAT networks

  • 12Vdc to 80Vdc, up to 20A continuous and 40A peak current

  • Outstanding servo performance
    20kHz sampling rate
    Advanced algorithms including ServoBoostTM (optional)
    Gantry MIMO Control
    Dual feedback

  • Digital control for easy setup and diagnostics

  • Supporting any of the following type of motors by software settings only:
    2, 3 phase AC Servo / DC brushless with sinusoidal commutation, DC Brush, voice coils, Closed and open loop step motors

  • Feedback: 4 digital incremental encoders, 4 absolute encoders (optional)
  • Digital I/O (all can be used as general purpose I/O)
    Inputs: 4 Registration MARK (High Speed Position Capture)
    Outputs: 1 PEG (Position Event Generator), 4 motor brake (24V, 0.5A)
  • Safe Torque Off (optional)
  •  A wide range of current selection
    Two axis versions current rating per drive:
    5A / 10A (cont. / Peak), 10A / 20A, 20A / 40A

    Four axis versions, current rating per drive:
    All four axes with 2.5A / 5A (cont. / Peak), 5A / 10A, 10A / 20A, 20A / 40A
    Two axes with 5A / 10A & two axes with 10A / 20A
    Two axes with 5A / 10A & two axes with 20A / 40A
    Two axes with 10A / 20A & two axes with 20A / 40A

  • Compact footprint: 152 x 138 x 48 mm3




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