ABICOR Binzel Product

Image of Alignment Jigs

In welding, maintaining part integrity and being able to adjust parts to fit your automation needs is crucial to keeping production costs and time as efficient as possible. Our line of alignment jigs work to keep the automated process running in the most economic way possible - by saving time and money on costly part replacement.

Available for both the ABIROB and the WH robotic torch, our alignmnet jigs make is possible to check and re-adjust the geometry of ABICOR BINZEL replacement neck torches outside the welding cell. Our jigs are fitted with a guiding body that can be mounted into position according to the torch geometry. For BINZEL's line of WH torches, a special fitting set can be used to test for water flow, water leakage, and gas flow to guarantee your torch neck is running at it's best at all times.

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TCS-FP Torch Cleaning Station Image

TCS-FP Torch Cleaning Station

The all-in-one TCS-FP from ABICOR BINZEL is a true plug-and-play solution for robotic welding torch maintenance.

SmartRay's JOSY 3D Weld Inspection Image

SmartRay's JOSY 3D Weld Inspection

SmartRay's JOSY uses combined hardware and software packages that utilize 3D sensors with an advanced algorithmic process