ABICOR Binzel Product

The WeldWatcher integrates seamlessly into fully automated production lines.

Image of 4D WeldWatcher®

WeldWatcher Features and Benefits:

  • Automatically evaluates the stability of your laser process
  • Stores all incoming data assigned to seam IDs in a database that syncs to your network
  • Visualization of each individual part with marks areas found to be NOK
  • Communication with the machine is available for all common field bus types
  • On-site, remote, and tandem service available worldwide
  • Training from our experts to enable you to operate the system
This video explains the principle behind our WeldWatcher laser process monitoring solution.

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TCS-FP Torch Cleaning Station Image

TCS-FP Torch Cleaning Station

The all-in-one TCS-FP from ABICOR BINZEL is a true plug-and-play solution for robotic welding torch maintenance.