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POSTED 05/13/2020

Our contribution to overcome Corona crisis

Here at Zimmer Group, staff and management alike have been looking for ways to be helpful during the corona virus crisis. As the KNOW-HOW FACTORY, we want to make a meaningful contribution that goes beyond donations and internal measures. A frequently discussed topic relevant to easing the lock-down or removing it entirely is and remains minimizing the risk of infection.

There are many various ways to transmit a viral or bacterial infection. One such infection risk is what is known as smear infection. For example, if you touch a contaminated door handle and then touch your face, pathogens can reach the mucous membranes.

In some cases, these germs can remain active for very long periods on materials such as plastic or stainless steel, thus remaining contagious on the door handle for several days. To minimize this risk, Zimmer GmbH Kunststofftechnik is producing a hygienic door handle attachment. This product makes it possible to open and close a door without touching the handle with the palm of your hand but with the help of your forearm or elbow.

As a system-relevant supplier, Zimmer Group is well aware of its responsibility. In addition to many other in-house precautions, it also uses the Hand-Held successfully at its own corporate locations.

Manufacturing the Hand-Held in a plastic injection molding process makes it possible to offer a more stable and cost-effective alternative to 3D printing. Installing it is fast and very easy and it is compatible with most commercially available door handles (Ø 18 - 22 mm). This means that potential pathogens do not reach the palms of hands and the risk of a smear infection is reduced. The door handle attachment can also be cleaned very quickly. Its two-part, threaded design means that it rests stably on the door handle and does not slip. The Hand-Held has a wide variety of applications. In addition to use in business or government agency facilities, it can also be used in the household. It is particularly well suited for heavily used doors, including main entrance doors or restroom doors in busy public buildings such as schools, government agencies, hospitals or clinics. The Hand-Held is available now.

Since 1980, the Zimmer Group subsidiary based in Rheinau-Freistett has stood for a high level of innovative strength – "Made in Germany". In the process technology area, approximately 100 employees produce plastic and elastomer component parts for a wide variety of industries, including automotive, furniture, electrical and medical technology. A separate department is explicitly dedicated to the metal powder injection molding (MIM) process. Furthermore, Zimmer Kunststofftechnik has an in-house design engineering department and tooling area to map the entire supply chain, from the idea to the finished component part. Support within the group is provided by the corresponding system engineering area, which fabricates item-specific handling systems and devices. This makes it possible to put together even the most complex assemblies. This broad base gives the company the flexibility it needs to respond to changes and requests from customers and implement these in-house in the shortest possible time.

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