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Vention Unveils MachineLogic™, a Code-free Visual Sequence Editor for Cloud-to-Shop-Floor Industrial Automation

POSTED 04/02/2019

Vention, a next-generation digital manufacturing platform for automated equipment, today unveiled MachineLogic™, a code-free visual sequence editor that empowers manufacturing professionals to automate their equipment in an intuitive cloud and local environment.

MachineLogic™ Code-Free Visual Sequence Editor

Accessible from Vention’s cloud-based MachineBuilder 3D, MachineLogic™ enables its users to develop comprehensive automation sequences online in the context of the 3D model. Developed automation sequences can be fully simulated inside MachineBuilder 3D and then access directly from physical equipment that are powered by Vention’s MachineMotion controller.

When running MachineLogic™ from physical equipment, the MachineMotion Pendant provides full digital continuity with the ability to further edit or run automation sequences in an Admin or Operator mode. Vention’s automation platform, including MachineLogic™, is available directly from Vention’s website, without the need to download or install any software.

MachineLogic™ supports the entire library of plug-and-play components from Vention, including, belts actuators, ball screw actuators, rotary indexers, automated conveyors, sensors, and encoders. Additional external I/Os are also supported through Vention’s I/O expansion module.

“MachineLogic™ defines a new category of software aimed at empowering all manufacturing professionals to automate their shop floors without the complexity of traditional automation development environment,” said Michel Launier, Lead Automation Architect, at Vention.

MachineLogic™ Code-Free Visual Sequence Editor

“MachineLogic™, combined with MachineBuilder 3D and the MachineMotion™ controller, enables our clients to self-design and commission industrial automation projects at a fraction of the time and cost than it is possible today,” added Etienne Lacroix, CEO and Founder at Vention.

The benefits of MachineLogic™ for end users include:

  • Highly intuitive and code-free environment to develop automation sequences
  • Integrated inside Vention’s cloud-based MachineBuilder 3D™, for kinematic simulations of equipment
  • Full digital continuity with any physical equipment powered by Vention’s MachineMotion™ controller
  • Compatible with Vention’s entire library of plug-and-play components

Vention is a next-generation digital manufacturing platform for machine design, enabling engineers and other manufacturing professionals to design, order and assemble custom factory equipment in just a few days. Vention’s AI-enabled, cloud-based MachineBuilder 3D™ integrates a comprehensive library of modular parts for application such as robot cell, tooling, and automated equipment. Vention is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and is backed by Bain Capital Ventures.